‘Love is Blind’ cast member called out for allegedly faking tears in unedited interview

‘Love is Blind’ cast member called out for allegedly faking tears in unedited interview‘Love is Blind’ cast member called out for allegedly faking tears in unedited interview
Michelle De Pacina
October 28, 2022
“Love Is Blind” cast member Andrew Liu has drawn attention for seemingly faking his tears with eye drops on the show during an interview after a rejected proposal.
In the third episode of Season 3 of the dating reality television series, Liu sits for an interview after cast member Nancy Rodriguez rejects his proposal. After asking producers if the cameras are rolling, Liu takes out a bottle of eye drops from his pocket and uses them on his eyes.
“It’s just too much,” Liu says while putting drops in his eyes. He then stops to ask producers, “Is it OK that I’m doing this?” 
“If your eyes are hurting you, by all means,” a producer responds.
After using the drops, he smirks into the camera and says, “Just a little bit.” 
Liu then sniffles and blinks his eyes as he continues speaking about how much it hurt him when Rodriguez turned him down.
The unedited scene has since gone viral, with many social media users calling his use of eye drops “manipulative.”
“One of the #LoveIsBlind producers had it out for Andrew and made sure the clip of him fake crying made it into the final cut,” one user tweeted.
“It is mind blowing to me that the editors of ‘Love is Blind’ left in Andrew’s manipulative fake tears and drops and there are STILL men defending him like ‘no his eyes were just hurting,’” another user wrote. “Imagine being a man who sees that kind of manipulative behavior and doesn’t fear for the women it’s targeting.”
“I’m screaming! He was ready for the wave of women wanting to heal his broken heart after this aired. He just KNEW in his heart that production would edit this moment into a tender one.  Congrats you played yourself,” one person tweeted
“Omg? A sociopath. Did he think they weren’t rolling?” another person said. “My mouth actually dropped open. Andrew is terrifying.” 
In an interview with Newsweek, Rodriguez also commented on her co-star’s actions.
“When I saw that scene, it just really confirmed and validated that I made the right choice to say ‘no’ to someone who wasn’t in this experiment and this experience for the real reasons,” Rodriguez said. 
Although Liu has not confirmed or denied that he was using fake tears, he reportedly shared memes and fan reactions to the moment on his Instagram story. 
“People should feel free to draw their own conclusions. After all, that’s part of the fun! It is a TV show after all. As for the scene itself, I cannot provide any details outside of the official story,” Liu told Insider. “Be outraged, if your heart compels you to be. Or don’t.”
In an interview with Variety, “Love Is Blind” creator Chris Coelen shared his impression of the moment and discussed the importance of not editing out Liu’s purported fake tears.
“I just could not believe that that was what was happening,” Coelen said. “It was jaw- dropping. I cannot believe he’s doing that. I mean, that’s insane. But I think it was very revealing in the moment as to maybe his motivations in that particular moment. Obviously I’m not speaking for him. I don’t speak for him, but we put it out there as it happened.”
“We try to just set the mechanism up so that they can live their authentic stories and then we try to incorporate — to the best of our ability — the authenticity of those stories onto the show that we ultimately put out on Netflix,” he added. 
“Andrew obviously was a crucial character in Nancy’s story. We wanted to show the essence of who he is.”
The first seven episodes of “Love Is Blind” Season 3 are available to stream on Netflix.
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