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Asian American Congresswoman Makes History By Wearing Korean Hanbok to Swear In

Rep. Marilyn Strickland (D-Wash.) makes history as the first Korean American politician to appear in a traditional Korean outfit Hanbok during her swearing-in ceremony.

The 58-year-old politician won the November 2020 election and made history as one of the first three Korean American women to win an election to the House, according to The Hill. Strickland also became the first African American member to represent her state of Washington at the federal level.

Vietnamese-American Woman Denied Chance to Fight Leukemia Over Visa Situation Passes Away

Helen Huynh Sick

An Orange County, California family is mourning the loss of their mother, who passed away from leukemia last Friday — a tragic event which could have been avoided had the government given their situation the delicate care it deserved.

Helen Huynh, wife and mother of three, was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of leukemia in February 2017. Physicians at the UCI Medical Center believed the best course of treatment for her diagnosis would be stem-cell therapy. In their search for a donor, it was discovered that Huynh’s sister, Thuy, was a 100% match; the problem, however, was that Thuy lived in Vietman. Huynh’s children quickly arranged for their aunt to fly to the U.S. to save their mother’s life, but were barred from doing so at every turn by the U.S. government. By the time Thuy was able to enter the country and assist in the life-saving procedure, it was too late — Huynh was too weak to overcome the cancer, and subsequently passed away on January 26, 2018.