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The Hong Kong Protests Have Reached UC Davis and It’s Not Looking Good

The Hong Kong-Beijing conflict has reached the UC Davis campus, sparking a heated debate on free speech among student activists, according to the Davis Enterprise.

Symbols of support for the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have reportedly popped up around the university’s campus in the form of chalk drawings of flowers and notes spelling out “Stand with Hong Kong.” Just hours after these messages of support were displayed, students described to be from mainland China were caught on a video posted on Reddit tearing down flyers and scrubbing off the artwork.

UC Davis Warns Students Not to Use WhatsApp or WeChat in China

Students from the University of California, Davis have been warned against using messaging apps like WhatsApp or WeChat when traveling to China.

The travel warning, which also told travelers to not make “unfavorable political statements or postings on social media,” was reportedly delivered on Monday via an email from the university’s director of liability and property programs Gary Leonard.