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Tokyo Police Officers Struggle to ‘Arrest’ Runaway Giant Tortoise

Four police officers in Tokyo struggled to “arrest” a runaway giant tortoise which had been spotted taking a stroll in a residential area.

A concerned resident of Akishima city reportedly made an emergency call to Akishima Police Station on Monday to report the giant tortoise accompanied by a smaller tortoise near a local park. Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department immediately sent four officers from the local station in Akishima to handle the “situation.”

Escaped Giant Tortoise Found 460 Feet From Japanese Zoo After Two Weeks

The giant tortoise that went missing from a zoo in Okayama Prefecture has been found in the bushes, 140 meters from where she escaped.

The tortoise, Aboo, was found by a man and his teenage son, whose names are being kept in private, on Wednesday at around 2:00 p.m. in the bushes near where she made her escape, according to the Japan Times. They were rewarded with 500,000 yen and a lifetime pass to the zoo to visit the female Aldabra giant tortoise whenever they want.