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New Batman comic series based on animated ‘Batman Beyond’ features bi-racial Asian Terry McGinnis

batman beyond white knight
  • In an attempt to diversify Gotham’s caped crusader, DC Comics writer and artist Sean Murphy has confirmed on Instagram that the newest Dark Knight, Terry McGinnis, is "half Asian."
  • Terry will be featured in Murphy’s eight-issue limited series “Batman: Beyond the White Knight,” which is the sequel to “Batman: White Knight” and the fifth installment of the Murphyverse’s “White Knight” series.
  • “Batman: Beyond the White Knight” is set to release on March 29.

As the Batman mythos continues with the new series “Batman: Beyond the White Knight,” a new Dark Knight of Japanese and Irish descent has been introduced. 

In a recent Instagram post uploaded by the series’ writer and artist, Sean Murphy, fans received confirmation that Terry McGinnis, the newest Batman, is “half Asian,” which sets his character apart from previous versions of the superhero.