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Syrian Children Are Seeking the Help of Pokémon to Save Them From the Horrors of War

Pokémon Go has continued to take the world by storm, generating millions in revenue for its creators and fulfilling childhood dreams for its fans. Its popularity has also taken over social media news feeds and even mainstream news headlines in recent weeks since its launch in July 6.

With news outlets giving the game so much attention, refugee advocates are hoping Syrian children in war-torn communities will also get noticed in some way with the help of Pikachu.

One Tweet Perfectly Sums Up Why We Need to Care About What’s Happening in Syria

Tech entrepreneur and designer David Galbraith from Geneva, Switzerland,  tweeted out an iconic photograph of Steve Jobs and the caption: “A Syrian migrants’ child.”

His message: Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, was the son of a Syrian father who moved to the United States in the 1950s. According to the Chicago Tribune, Galbraith sent the tweet following the world outcry toward a photograph of a 3-year-old boy’s body washed ashore on a Turkish beach this week.