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Japanese household that accidentally received $360,000 COVID subsidy says it ‘can’t be returned’

  • A town in western Japan announced on Friday that it mistakenly gave a single household account 46.3 million yen (approximately $361,450) in COVID-19 subsidies, which the recipient claims they can no longer return.
  • Low-income families exempt from residential tax in Abu of the Yamaguchi Prefecture were to receive 100,000 yen (approximately $781) per household in COVID-19 subsidies.
  • On April 1, a treasury official submitted a bank data list of 463 households that applied for the subsidies before mistakenly submitting a money transfer form five days later listing only one recipient, resulting in the one household receiving all funds meant to be distributed among 463 households.
  • After the town was finally able to reach the recipient family on April 21, it was told the money was “moved elsewhere” and could not be returned.

A town in western Japan revealed on Friday that a household who mistakenly received 46.3 million yen (around $361,450) in COVID-19 subsidies said they now cannot return the money.

The town of Abu in Yamaguchi Prefecture planned to distribute the COVID subsidy funds amongst 463 low-income households exempt from residential taxes. Each household who applied was to receive 100,000 yen (around $781).

Japan May Pay Tourists to Visit With New $12.5 Billion Tourism Plan

Japan Travel

In an attempt to boost tourism in Japan, the country’s tourism agency announced a $12.5 billion plan to subsidize a portion of foreign traveler’s expenses, Forbes reports

When this is happening: Hiroshi Tabata of the Japan Tourism Agency told a news conference last Wednesday that the program could begin as early as July if the COVID-19 cases continue to subside, according to Japan Times.