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Japanese High School Prodigy Forced to Become Truck Driver Just to Survive

A television program in Japan reportedly sheds light on the current living status of 10 people who were once considered as child prodigy. Among the 10 people there, one stood out as the most intriguing case: a truck driver who was once considered a physics whiz kid in high school.

The man, whose name was not revealed, was the first person in Japan to have been offered a grade acceleration program for his excellent academic performance and intellect, according to Hachima Kiko as translated by SoraNews24. This program helped the man to jump a few grades and head straight into Chiba University much earlier than his peers in his age group.

15 Habits Only Real Entrepreneurs Who’ve Struggled Know About

Being a real entrepreneur isn’t easy.

By real entrepreneur, I mean someone who has turned an idea into a profitable startup with their own two hands, their own money and a carefully chosen team. I’m talking about the bootstrapped entrepreneur who hustles at every corner and is constantly working, sometimes too much for their own good. They’re the kind of entrepreneurs who have survived on nearly nothing but still came out successful in the end.