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Jeff Bezos Made $6 Billion in 20 Minutes Last Week — Here’s What He Can Ball Out On

Last Friday Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made $6 billion in 20 minutes, or $5 million per second.

Amazon shares skyrocketed from $600 a share to a record high of $681.50 in after hours trading. Their first quarter earnings report was impressive as shares of Amazon surged about 10% after the company shared their earnings of $1.07 per share on $29.13 billion in revenue.

How Two Chinese Immigrants Made $1 Million off Apple Stock

A Queens couple has been investing in Apple stock since the late 1990s and now they own over $1 million in Apple shares.

Ning Wang is the editor-in-chief of Sing Tao Newspapers, a Chinese newspaper chain, and Ting Qian is a communications manager at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Communications Society. The couple came to America in the 1980s as foreign students to earn their master’s degrees.