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Single people in the Philippines to receive scholarships, subsidies and other perks in proposed bill

  • Filipino lawmaker Margarita Ignacia Nograles recently proposed the “Single Persons' Welfare Act,” which would grant unmarried Filipinos scholarships, monthly subsidies, extra days off and flexible working schedules.
  • Filed on July 6 as House Bill 1364, the proposal will tap government and non-government agencies to develop a comprehensive program of services that will aid single persons and their dependents.
  • "In almost all cases nationwide, many of such single individuals function like a solo parent and bears the most burden in the family," the lawmaker was quoted as saying.
  • Under the proposed bill, single Filipinos with dependents will receive scholarships, a monthly cash subsidy of 1,500 Philippine pesos (approximately $27) for those earning minimum wages and flexible work schedules with opportunities to work from home.
  • Any change in the status of the beneficiary, such as getting married, will nullify that person’s eligibility for said benefits and privileges.

A lawmaker in the Philippines has filed a bill seeking additional benefits and privileges for single Filipinos.

Representative Margarita Ignacia Nograles of the PBA party-list proposed the Single Persons’ Welfare Act, which would grant scholarships, monthly subsidies, extra days off and flexible working schedules to Filipinos without a partner.

Why Young South Koreans are Finally Embracing the ‘YOLO’ Lifestyle

An increasing number of South Koreans are breaking away from the country’s collective culture to bask in the joys of their own company, a trend aptly called the “YOLO” lifestyle.

The social shift is evident in the country’s booming market attending to the needs of singles, from bars to restaurants to photography studios that offer services for “single weddings.”