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Jason Momoa Sends Brutal Message to Fisherman Who Cut Off Shark’s Tail and Laughed

“Aquaman” star Jason Momoa expressed his anger over a viral video showing two men cutting off a shark’s tail off the coast of Greenland and laughing at the animal’s suffering.

Footage of the incident, shared by Facebook user Christel Ýr Johansen, shows the two fishermen, identified as Halldór Gústaf and Gunnar Þór, cutting off the tail of a Greenland shark and laughing it off as they throw the animal back into the water, according to Greenworld Warriors.

Extremely Rare ‘Megamouth’ Shark Caught On Video Off Indonesia

An extremely rare shark known as a “Megamouth” shark was captured on film by a diver swimming near Komodo Island. While Indonesia’s Komodo Island is best known for its rare monitor lizard, the Komodo Dragon, British diver Penny Bielich caught a glimpse of yet another rarity.

According to FoxNews, Bielich was swimming near the island’s Gili Lawa Laut diving spot when she saw the ginormous megamouth shark. The British diver immediately grabbed her camera and was able to take close-up footage of the rare shark.