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Woman Suffers Serious Burns After Man Dumps Boiling Hot Soup on Her Face

A woman from Chiayi County, Taiwan suffered first and second degree burns after a man dumped boiling hot pot soup all over her face and neck after her “unhygienic” hair brushed against his hand.

According to Taiwan News, the 33-year-old woman, identified only by her surname, Chen, was eating with a male companion, 57-year-old Huang. The two were seated next to each other, so when Chen turned her head to check on their order, her long hair accidentally brushed against Huang’s hand.

Roommate Pours Boiling Hot Ramen on Soon-to-Be Bride’s Face in Korea

A 26-year-old woman named Goo from South Korea suffered severe burns when her 21-year-old roommate poured blazing hot ramen on her face after the soon-to-be-bride allegedly talked badly about her on social media.

The gruesome attack happened on Oct. 24 when the suspect, only identified as Kim, barged into the victim’s room while swinging a weapon towards Goo’s face and legs. The roommate also threatened to cut Goo’s Achilles tendons.