Woman Suffers Serious Burns After Man Dumps Boiling Hot Soup on Her Face

Woman Suffers Serious Burns After Man Dumps Boiling Hot Soup on Her Face
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March 24, 2018
A woman from Chiayi County, Taiwan suffered first and second degree burns after a man dumped boiling hot pot soup all over her face and neck after her “unhygienic” hair brushed against his hand.
According to Taiwan News, the 33-year-old woman, identified only by her surname, Chen, was eating with a male companion, 57-year-old Huang. The two were seated next to each other, so when Chen turned her head to check on their order, her long hair accidentally brushed against Huang’s hand.
Outraged by the “unhygienic” contact, the two began fighting loudly – Huang yelling at Chen for touching him with her hair and Chen fighting back against his unnecessary behavior. The fight escalated, and Huang, unable to control his anger, took a bowl of boiling soup and splashed it across Chen’s face.
The restaurant staff and other patrons sprang into action. While some tried to soothe the still seething Huang, the waitstaff attended to Chen, pouring cold water on her face, providing her with ice cubes, and calling an ambulance.
“The soup was boiling hot,” Chen told Apple Daily. “I had blisters on my face minutes later.”
Medical personnel treated her wounds and would later diagnose her with first and second degree burns across her face and neck.
Although Huang expressed deep regret and apologized for his “heat-of-the-moment reaction”, Chen has moved forward with a lawsuit against her former dinner companion.
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