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Why Students Are Forced to Take the SAT to Go to College

Last week, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang called for a reduced emphasis on standardized testing. He particularly took a jab at the SAT, which has long been used to assess students’ readiness for collegiate studies.

“We came up with the SAT during World War II to determine who to keep from the frontlines,” Yang wrote in a tweet. “Now every year is wartime. We should deemphasize standardized tests and evaluate kids more holistically.”

Asian Students Scored the Best on the 2019 SAT While Everyone Else Scored Lower

The average SAT score reportedly declined slightly for the class of 2019, but Asian students remain top performers.

According to non-profit organization and the administrator of the test, College Board, this year’s number of students that took the college admissions test has slightly increased by 4.76% with 2.2 million as opposed to last year’s 2.1 million.

American College Grads Try to Take the Korean ‘SAT’ for the First Time

South Korea’s crucial college entrance exam, known as College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT), has gained international fame for being notoriously difficult.  

Described as “the chance to make or break one’s future,” the exam has been praised for its efficiency, meritocratic factors, and high international results. The results of the challenging CSAT exam determine which university the student will enter.