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‘NO G**KS’: San Leandro man arrested for vandalizing neighbor’s home with anti-Asian graffiti

  • Nicholas Swyers, 25, was arrested on Monday for allegedly spray-painting a home in San Leandro, California, with anti-Asian graffiti.
  • The property, which is being sold, first experienced vandalism on Saturday night with a “NO G**KS” message painted on its for-sale sign.
  • The same message was found on the home’s garage door the following morning.
  • San Leandro police have responded to both incidents and are now investigating the case as a hate crime.

A man has been arrested in connection to an act of anti-Asian vandalism that shook a home in San Leandro, California, over the weekend.

Nicholas Swyers, 25, is accused of spray-painting the residence in the 15300 block of Inverness Street, whose realtor, owners and most recent tenants were all Asian.

Cambodian American woman in shock after brutal robbery outside California supermarket

  • Emily Chhun, 26, fell victim to a violent robbery outside a Safeway in San Leandro, California, on May 11.
  • The male assailant allegedly punched and pistol-whipped Chhun during the attack, leaving her with a concussion and a broken nose.
  • The suspect managed to flee with Chhun’s purse, which contained cash, ID, credit cards and keys.
  • Community members held a Stop Asian Hate rally and demanded justice for Chhun outside the supermarket on May 15.
  • A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with Chhun’s medical bills.

A Cambodian American woman is left traumatized after falling victim to a violent robbery outside a supermarket in San Leandro, California, earlier this month.

Emily Chhun, 26, had just returned to her car after buying some snacks at a Safeway on Washington Avenue when the horror unfolded.