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Rich Chinese People Are Being Blamed For Making Seattle Homes Insanely Expensive

Homes in certain West Coast real estate markets have become increasingly expensive in recent months, and observers are linking it to the influx of money coming from China.

It is no secret that Chinese businesses have been flooding the global market with billions of dollars in recent years. In what seems to be an effort to free their money from the country’s tight control, the rich and the middle class Chinese have been aggressively setting their sights elsewhere.  

Rich Chinese Girl Flaunts Her Life on Social Media — Gets $30,000 Monthly Allowance

US-based Chinese entrepreneur Blanche Yuan, who enjoys posting about her lavish lifestyle, has gained a lot of haters lately and she can’t understand why.

In 2010, she reportedly left Beijing and attended high school in Washington DC when she was 17 years old, reported South China Morning Post. She proudly admitted to having had more than 20 boyfriends during her high school years.

Struggling 7-Eleven Cashier Makes a Fortune Selling Cars to Rich Chinese Kids

Nick Lam, 25, was an international Chinese student who moved to the U.S. from Hong Kong in 2009. As a student at Stony Brook University in New York, Lam worked odd jobs as a 7-Eleven cashier and a Papa John’s pizza delivery boy to cover his college and living expenses until he could eventually start his own business, New York Auto Depot.

Lam purchased his first car so he could deliver pizzas. Unfortunately, he experienced a number of car problems that required frequent mechanical repairs, but on the upside, Lam gained a lot of experience in fixing and buying cars.

China Bans Rich Kids From Reality TV to Prevent Them From Embarrassing the Country

China’s state censor has banned children of the rich and famous from appearing on reality TV shows after a series of scandals involving some of the country’s “rich kids” stoked the Chinese public’s anger.

The country’s state news agency, Xinhua, announced the ban by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPRFT) on April 17.

Trump Tower is Funded By Rich Chinese People Who Want U.S. Visas

Since the start of his presidential campaign, Republican front-runner Donald Trump has been extremely vocal about his disdain for China and his desire to tighten up U.S. immigration policies.

“[China has] taken our jobs, they’ve taken our money, they’ve taken everything,” Trump said in a speech last month. He also called for a much more stringent screening process for immigrants wanting to enter the country.

Rich Chinese Girl Dumps Boyfriend After Being Served Food By His Poor Family

A young woman is gaining attention from Chinese netizens after she posted on social media that she broke up with her boyfriend because his parents served her a meal that was “too humble.”

The 27-year-old woman said she was served the unsatisfactory food at her boyfriend’s parents’ house in a rural village in southeast China’s Jiangxi province over Chinese New Year.

Rich People in China Are Buying Endangered Animal Parts For the Worst Reason Ever

Wealthy people in China are buying illegal wildlife products that include the parts of endangered tigers, elephants, rhinos and bears. These items are increasingly seen as investments whose values will rise once the animals become extinct, according to activist website TakePart.

Warehouses across China currently house hundreds of tiger corpses soaked in bottles of herbs and rice wine. These bottles will eventually be sold for between $80 and $300. The longer the bottles sit out, the more valuable they become.