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Chinese woman learns street cleaner who she stopped for directions is her daughter lost 24 years ago

  • Cai Youxiu, 78, found her long-lost daughter by accident after approaching a street cleaner to ask for directions earlier this month in the Chinese city of Langzhong in Sichuan Province.
  • "I was cleaning in front of a school entrance when an old lady came to ask me for directions, and I immediately recognized her to be my mother," Hu Jun, 46, told The Cover. "I was so excited, but she didn't recognize me even after I called her 'Mom.'"
  • Cai had been searching for her daughter, and the local authorities had reportedly planned to reunite the two if not for their accidental meetup the day before their scheduled reunion.
  • Hu said she lost contact with her mother after she left her hometown, Yunyang County, in 1999 to find work in another province.
  • Cai’s unexpected reunion with Hu became a trending topic on Chinese social media, with the hashtag “old person asks for directions and meets daughter missing for 24 years" generating over 34 million views on Weibo.

An elderly woman in China found her long-lost daughter after approaching a street cleaner to ask for directions.

Hu Jun, 46, was working in Langzhong, Sichuan Province, earlier this month when a woman approached her to ask for directions.

Korean war veteran reunites with long-lost love 70 years after meeting in Japan

  • Duane Mann, 91, a Korean War veteran who spent 70 years searching for his lost Japanese love, Peggy Yamaguchi, finally reunited with her this week.
  • The two first met in 1953 when Mann was stationed in Japan. He occasionally fixed slot machines at an Air Force NCO Club where Yamaguchi worked as a “hat check girl.”
  • In a final attempt to reunite with Yamaguchi, Mann shared his story on Facebook on May 1 and gained media traction.
  • The two former lovers reunited after a 23-year-old woman tracked down Yamaguchi through an article released in 1956.

After 70 years of searching for a long-lost love he left in Japan, a 91-year-old Korean War veteran finally tracked her down and reunited in an emotional meeting earlier this week.

Korean War Navy veteran Duane Mann first met Peggy Yamaguchi in 1953 while he was stationed in Japan from 1953 to 1954. During his free time, Mann would work as a slot machine repairman at an Air Force NCO Club where Peggy worked as a “hat check girl.” In a final attempt to reunite with Yamaguchi, Mann recalled in a Facebook post spending “a lot of time dancing together” as they fell in love and began a relationship. 

Vietnamese refugees reunite with sailor who saved them from lost fishing boat 44 years ago

  • A group of Vietnamese refugees reunited with a sailor who rescued them from their lost fishing boat while escaping Vietnam 44 years ago.
  • While escaping communism after Saigon’s fall, 33 adults and 18 children escaped on a fishing boat until they got lost in the South China Sea.
  • A chief mate sailor, now 88, convinced his captain at the time to rescue all refugees and bring them onto the boat.
  • After spending years trying to find the group of refugees, the 88-year-old finally found them after a neighbor tracked down one of the names on a list.

After years of searching, a chief mate sailor who saved 51 Vietnamese refugees in 1978 was reunited with a group of them 44 years later.

One of the refugees, Lisa Dam, was 19 years old when she escaped from Vietnam after the fall of Saigon. While on a fishing boat with 50 others, including 33 adults and 18 children, the group got lost in the South China Sea. 

Video: Paolo Montalbán shares emotional first reunion with ‘Cinderella’ co-star Brandy after 24 years

Cinderella Reunion

Filipino American actor Paolo Montalbán recently posted a picture and clip of his first reunion with “Cinderella” co-star Brandy since they last saw each other 24 years ago.

The reunion: Montalbán, 48, fulfilled his fans’ request to post a proper picture of his reunion with Brandy, 42, on Christmas Day on Instagram, as well as a short clip of last month’s meeting, which included a hug..

Korean Woman Shares Touching Reunion With Birth Mom and Sister After 33 YEARS on TikTok

adopt korea

A woman adopted as an infant by American parents from South Korea recently met her biological mother and sister in a reunion that took 33 years to happen.

Raised in Chickasha, Oklahoma by her adoptive parents, Nancy and Jimmy, 33-year-old Shelee Henderson shared that she grew up knowing her birth mother willingly gave her up for adoption to provide her a better life in the United States.

Separated During Khmer Rouge, Cambodian Siblings Reunite 47 Years Later

Khmer Rouge

After nearly half a century, a 98-year-old Cambodian woman was reunited with two siblings she thought had died during the brutal regime of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, aka the Khmer Rouge, in the 1970s.

Through the efforts of local NGO Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF), Bun Sen met her 101-year-old big sister, Bun Chea, and her 92-year-old younger brother last week.

Houston Mom Tries to Reunite With Her Baby Stranded in Wuhan


A Houston mother is hoping to reunite with her 2-year-old son who is stranded in Wuhan, China, which has been on lockdown due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) breakout.

Fen Xin’s 2-year-old son Allen traveled to Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus outbreak, with his grandparents to celebrate the Lunar New Year. However, the virus broke out in mid-January right around the time of the celebration, according to ABC13.