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‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ already in talks for US remake less than a month after its premiere

extraordinary attorney woo
  • “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” South Korea’s latest smash-hit drama about a lawyer on the autism spectrum, may soon be up for a U.S. remake.
  • An inside source from the series’ production company told local media outlets that they are “reviewing a proposal for the series to be adapted to an American remake.”
  • The series is currently at the top of both South Korean media rankings and Netflix’s Top 10 Non-English Shows list.
  • An American remake of “The Good Doctor,” a 2013 KBS drama about an autistic surgeon, has already found success on ABC, with its sixth season set to premiere in October.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” cable channel ENA’s legal drama series currently captivating audiences in South Korea, may be getting a U.S. remake. 

An inside source from the series’ production company A Story revealed to Korean media outlets that they are “reviewing a proposal for the series to be adapted to an American remake.”

Netflix drops new trailer for ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’

  • A second teaser trailer for “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” was released by Netflix yesterday.
  • The upcoming spinoff of the Spanish crime drama series centers around "the themes of a common currency and a mint built in the Joint Security Area (which divides North and South Korea today)” said the show’s writer Ryu Yong-jae.

Netflix dropped its second teaser trailer for the South Korean remake of “Money Heist,” giving viewers a more in depth look into how the series has been adapted to fit local audiences.

“Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” puts a spin on the original 2017 Spanish heist crime drama series, with prior released images revealing the iconic Dali masks have been swapped for the traditional Korean “Hahoetal” masks. 

First teaser released for Netflix’s South Korean remake of ‘Money Heist’

Korean Money Heist Teaser
  • Netflix released its first official teaser for “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area,” a remake of the Spanish global hit series “Money Heist.”
  • The short video introduces fans to a variety of cast members, including Yoo Ji-tae as “The Professor,” Kim Yunjin as Seon Woojin and Park Hae-soo of “Squid Game” as Berlin.

Netflix has released its first official teaser for the highly anticipated South Korean remake of the popular Spanish-language show “Money Heist” (“La Casa de Papel”).

The teaser for “Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area” gives viewers a glimpse at the Korean cast taking on the roles originally played by their Spanish counterparts. 

Netflix’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ announces Azula, Gran Gran, Kyoshi actors

Avatar the Last Airbender

Netflix is slowly pulling together the cast of its upcoming live-action adaptation of “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” The production announced five new additions, including the iconic roles of Princess Azula and Suki as well as a brand new character.

Adding fuel to the fire: Elizabeth Yu (“All My Love”) has been cast as Azula, princess of the Fire Nation and sister to firebending master Zuko, according to Deadline

Where is this train going: US ‘Train to Busan’ remake may make its way to New York

Train to Busan (2016)

The Hollywood remake of the critically acclaimed 2016 South Korean zombie film “Train to Busan” will reportedly be named “Last Train to New York.”

I’m walkin’ here: Helmed by award-winning Indonesian director Timo Tjahjanto, who’s behind the horror thrillers “V/H/S/2” (2013) and “May the Devil Take You” (2018), the zombie-packed train is expected to head for the Empire State, according to Deadline.

‘Crash Landing On You’ American remake in final development stage at Netflix

Crash Landing on You remake netflix kdrama fans

Several of the last decade’s most popular K-dramas are getting American remakes. But the recent announcement of one in particular, the 2019 hit “Crash Landing on You,” has left fans of the original show scratching their heads, bemused by an adaptation of a storyline that centers on the history of North and South Korea. 

Details: Korean entertainment company CJ ENM revealed the news at a conference on Nov. 4. Kang Chul-ku, the CEO of Studio Dragon, the production company behind “Crash Landing on You,” said that the American remake is in the final stages of planning and development with Netflix U.S., reported Edaily