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Racist Reality Star Melts Down After Tinder Match Wouldn’t Satisfy His ‘Asian Fetish’

A New Zealand reality star says he’s “embarrassed and ashamed” after sending offensive messages he send to a woman on Tinder two years ago were publicized.

Andrew Jury, a star on “Married At First Sight”, sent a series of misogynistic and racist messages in 2015 to Maria Mo, a Korean-Kiwi pianist, after she refused his advances.

Netflix’s New Hit Show is a ‘Boring’ Japanese Reality TV Show

A new Japanese Netflix show is becoming a reality-TV hit despite having bland visuals and lacking drama elements. Netflix series “Terrace House” places six young strangers in one house as they go about their daily lives.

According to Adweek, residents are only being provided with shelter and some Toyota cars for transportation. Furthermore, the house guests are given lots of freedom since they can still go about their daily lives at school or at work. In fact, the guests can even choose to leave the reality show, in which they just get replaced with another young stranger.