Racist Reality Star Melts Down After Tinder Match Wouldn’t Satisfy His ‘Asian Fetish’

Racist Reality Star Melts Down After Tinder Match Wouldn’t Satisfy His ‘Asian Fetish’
Editorial Staff
November 6, 2017
A New Zealand reality star says he’s “embarrassed and ashamed” after sending offensive messages he send to a woman on Tinder two years ago were publicized.
Andrew Jury, a star on “Married At First Sight”, sent a series of misogynistic and racist messages in 2015 to Maria Mo, a Korean-Kiwi pianist, after she refused his advances.
Maria Mo
After recognizing him while the show aired last night, she posted her experience, along with screenshots on Facebook.
It reads: “So get this: last night I was hanging out with friends who watch Married at First Sight. I was half-paying attention when one of the contestants caught my eye, because he looked suspiciously like the prick who sent me abusive, racist and misogynist messages on tinder in 2015, whose name and face had stuck with me cos of the particularly nasty nature of his messages. I had screenshotted and posted them on here. I did some sleuthing, recovered some deleted thumbnails, and long story short it’s the same guy. Same name same age same location.
I’ve been on the phone to the press today and I think they’re gonna release the story soon. In the meantime, enjoy the trip down memory lane. You heard it here first 😂🙌”
Upon hearing the news, Jury released the following statement:
“It has come to my attention that you have received some rather nasty messages on a Tinder exchange I had with someone two years ago,” he said.
“I’m so embarrassed and ashamed. I would take it back if I could, but as I deleted my all dating apps ages ago I can’t apologise to the individual in person.
“I hope everyone can forgive and forget as I’m a new man these days.”
Andrew Jury and his wife Vicky are still together on the show at the time of this writing.
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