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5 Books From Asian Authors To Add To Your Summer Reading List

I’m the daughter of an English teacher. Her mother was an English teacher. Needless to say, we had a lot of books in our house, and reading quickly became the preferred way to ease boredom during the summer.

I was often gifted books by my mom and grandma, and for some reason I received an awful lot of novels by the Asian-American author, Amy Tan. Her most famous publication is easily “The Joy Luck Club”, but she’s written a handful of others as well, including “The Kitchen God’s Wife”, “The Hundred Secret Senses”, and “The Bonesetter’s Daughter”.

Yale Study Says Reading Books Can Help You Live Longer

It turns out bookworms don’t just get increased knowledge and vocabulary from reading books, they also tend to live a bit longer, a recent study suggests.

According to a research published online last month in Social Science & Health, reading books may have a direct link to an extended lifespan, reported Quartz. However, while reading magazines or newspapers posed a positive association with longevity, it reportedly did not provide the same effect.