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NFL Reporter’s Racist Tweets Against Asians and Blacks Unearthed

A series of highly offensive, racist, and homophobic tweets from Lindsey Ok, a sports reporter covering the Baltimore Ravens from the National Football League, have been unearthed by Black Sports Online targeting Asians, Black people, and the LGBT+ community.

Ok made many horrible social media posts, all of which are now deleted, where she mocked people for their race or their sexuality. One of them includes playing on the stereotype about Asian people and driving.

Mad at Steve Harvey? Why? What’s the Point?

Steve Harvey recently made some jokes about asian men that blew up my particular social media feed.

People felt angry, offended, outraged even, and took to the boards to express their fire. At first, even though I didn’t feel the fire, I did take to shaking my head. Shaking my head because it doesn’t surprise me. Shaking my head because the jokes and put downs sounds stingingly familiar. And lastly, shaking my head because the response, personally, also felt stale .

High School Teacher Caught on Tape Making a Racist Remark Towards Asian Student

A high school teacher in Ohio has been placed on leave after making a racist remark towards a student of Asian descent.

The teacher, Katherine Klimach of Butler Tech, made the comment while instructing a class at Fairfield High School which was caught on video. While the actual date of the recording is unknown, it is believed to have been made earlier this year. In it, only the back of the Asian student can be seen while Klimach’s voice can be heard saying: