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Korean-Australian Man Caught Trying to Sell Missile Parts for North Korea

An Australian man suspected of selling missile parts and other military technology on behalf of North Korea was arrested by authorities on Dec. 16.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) accused Chan Han Choi, 59, of being an “economic agent” for the nuclear-armed regime by attempting to broker the sale of missile components, software for ballistic missiles and other unidentified North Korean military expertise, The New York Times reported.

North Korea’s Nuclear Tests Result in Deformed Babies, Defectors Claim

North Korean defectors revealed that Kim Jong-Un’s grisly nuclear tests were allegedly performed without informing civilians.

Years of nuclear testing are starting to take its toll on the affected Kilju county in North Korea, according to a defectors who said the region’s underground wells have dried up after the sixth nuclear test and that 80% of the planted trees eventually died off.

North Korea Is Drugging Construction Workers With Crystal Meth To Make Them Work Faster

North Korea is allegedly giving its construction workers crystal meth in order meet deadlines for a skyscraper project.

Project managers in the country’s capital of Pyongyang are providing their workers with “ice,” also known as crystal meth, in order to finish a project that includes a 70-floor skyscraper and 60 apartment blocks. According to The Telegraph, the project was approved by Kim Jong-un earlier this year in reaction to the sanctions placed on the nation following its nuclear weapons test.