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New Jersey on its way to becoming the second state to mandate teaching of AAPI history

New Jersey Bill AAPI History Education
  • The state legislature passed the bill on Tuesday, after it passed the state Senate in early December and the General Assembly on Monday.
  • If signed into law by NJ Gov. Phil Murphy, the bill would require public schools in the state to teach Asian American history.

New Jersey is on its way to becoming the second state to require public schools to teach Asian American history as an approved bill heads to the governor’s desk.

The state legislature approved the bill on Tuesday after it passed the Senate earlier in December and the General Assembly on Monday. Governor Phil Murphy is set to sign the bill, according to NBC News.

California judge trashes lawsuit from board member who was fired over anti-Asian tweets

Alison Collins lawsuit gets thrown out by judge

A federal judge has junked the lawsuit that former San Francisco school board vice president Alison Collins filed in March against the school district and five of her colleagues who voted to strip her of her board position.

The case: Collins alleged that the school district and her colleagues violated her right to free speech when they voted to remove her from board committees and her vice presidency position over tweets she posted in 2016, reported the SF Chronicle