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Vietnam’s Hoi An city pledges to phase out dog and cat meat consumption

Vietnam Hoi An
  • The Vietnamese city of Hoi An will phase out dog and cat meat sale and consumption.
  • Although other cities have discouraged eating dog and cat, Hoi An is the first to fully ban the practice. 
  • Only 6.3% of Vietnamese people still eat dog and cat meat, while 88% of the population in Vietnam supports a national ban on dog and cat meat. 

Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and tourist destination, signed a pledge with the global animal welfare organization Four Paws International.

Setting a precedent

Sacramento Health Chief Calls Asians ‘Yellow Folks’ in Meeting Against Racism


A top health official in California has apologized after facing backlash for calling Asian people “yellow folks” earlier this week.

Dr. Peter Beilenson, director of Sacramento County’s Department of Health Services, made the remarks on Tuesday during a Board of Supervisors meeting, which voted on a resolution to declare racism as a public health crisis.