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10th grader invents low-cost prosthetic arm that can be controlled by the mind

  • Virginia senior Benjamin Choi, 17, has invented an affordable, mind-controlled prosthetic arm that costs only $300 to create.
  • Choi first designed the prosthetic as a 10th-grader in the summer of 2020, when COVID-19 barred him from leaving home.
  • After over 75 iterations, the robotic arm is now made with engineering-grade materials and run by artificial intelligence that interprets brain waves with 95% accuracy.
  • The invention has brought Choi multiple awards, funding and two provisional patents before he enters college.
  • Choi is also his school’s student body president, a nationally-ranked squash player and a competitive violinist.

A 17-year-old in Virginia is making headlines for creating an affordable prosthetic arm that can be controlled by the mind.

Benjamin Choi, now a senior at Potomac High School, developed the first version of the robotic arm in 2020 using his sister’s $75 3D printer and some fishing line.