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‘Caring and Considerate’ Chinese Man Faces J‌a‌i‌l After Marrying, Having Kids With 3 Women in One City

A man living in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, China was recently reported to the p‌oli‌ce after one of his wives found out that he had three wives living in the same city.

In just three years (2015 to 2017), the man, identified only by his surname Zhang, was able to get hitched by ab‌usi‌ng a loophole in China’s marriage system where he married each wife in a different province, according to Weibo via Shanghaiist.

Indonesia Now Has an App for Polygamy, And It’s Technically Legal

Married men in Indonesia who are looking to marry a second, third, fourth or fifth wife are now within reach thanks to a new mobile app called “AyoPoligami”, which is set for a re-release and suffice to say, it’s causing quite a stir.

The app was developed by Lindu Pranayama, an Indonesian-based developer. The idea to create “AyoPoligami” came to him while he was browsing through an online dating app and was disappointed by the lack of options for polyamorous relationships.