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First Asian American curve model for SI Yumi Nu speaks out about fatphobia in Asian culture

Yumi Nu

Yumi Nu, who recently became the first Asian American curve model for Sports Illustrated, has spoken out about fatphobia, revealing how bullies used to call her “Godzilla” and “Yao Ming.”

On representation: Speaking to NBC Asian America about her cover feature, Nu explained how as a child there was hardly any representation of women who looked like her. Among the few Asian American women in the media, she noted that there wasn’t any diversity with respect to their sizes. 

The Problem With the Body Positivity Movement and Plus-Size Asian Models

asian model

Ashley Graham, Iskra Lawrence and Barbie Ferreira are redefining the definition of beauty within the entertainment industry, but when was the last time you’ve seen an Asian plus-size model with similar levels of media exposure or popularity?

There seems to be a general lack of diversity within the plus-size modeling industry and Asian models are still especially hard to come by but this certainly doesn’t mean they don’t exist.