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Huawei Angers China After Listing Taiwan as a Country


Chinese netizens are calling Huawei out to apologize and threatening a boycott after the company listed Taiwan as another country in their phone’s settings.

Huawei phone users discovered that when the time zone of the handset is changed, Taiwan’s capital is listed as “Taipei (China)” when viewing in simplified Chinese characters, but it becomes listed as “Taipei (Taiwan)” when it is set to traditional characters, according to Shanghaiist.

Japanese Man Sets World Record For Holding Over 11,000 Patents

Even with a whopping 1,093 patents to his name, American inventor Thomas Edison falls short of being the most prolific patent-holder ever; that title currently belongs to Shunpei Yamazaki, who entered the Guinness Book Of World Records with a mind-boggling 11,353 patents on June 30th, 2016.

Yamazaki was born in 1942 during WWII, and by age 29, he already had 130 patents under his belt. Currently, he serves as the president of Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd., and he churns out dozens of patents each month with the help of his team. Many of Yamazaki’s patents are in items you use every day, such as your smart phones, computers, TVs, and other electronic devices.

Samsung Forced to Apologize to China Even Though Their Galaxy Note 7s Didn’t Explode

A few days after the Galaxy Note 7 was launched, Samsung was forced to issue a massive recall in several markets due to reported battery safety issues that have caused some units to catch fire, according to Consumerist.

The issue however was not found in the phones released in China. That is why the company did not find it necessary to issue a recall of the units in the country.