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5 Ways You Can Make Social Change Without Really Trying

Inactivism. Slacktivism. Whatever you want to call it, the terms refer to people who want to make social change while doing the absolute bare minimum (or nothing at all but think they’re helping).

To actual activists, this can be frustrating; they’re out there “pounding the pavement” so to speak, volunteering and doing the dirty work while others sit idly by yet demand change. And while we definitely think that hard work needs to be done, we get it — life gets in the way, and who has time for commitment, amirite or amirite?

5 Books From Asian Authors To Add To Your Summer Reading List

I’m the daughter of an English teacher. Her mother was an English teacher. Needless to say, we had a lot of books in our house, and reading quickly became the preferred way to ease boredom during the summer.

I was often gifted books by my mom and grandma, and for some reason I received an awful lot of novels by the Asian-American author, Amy Tan. Her most famous publication is easily “The Joy Luck Club”, but she’s written a handful of others as well, including “The Kitchen God’s Wife”, “The Hundred Secret Senses”, and “The Bonesetter’s Daughter”.

Dad Learns Daughter Doesn’t Want to Be Chinese, Finds Genius Solution

“I don’t want to be Chinese.”

When Jerry Zhang heard these words from his preschool-age daughter, Madison, it broke his heart. He knew the reason why — his daughter was very interested in books that featured young White girls, such as “Madeline” and “Eloise”, and wished to be like them. Madeline and Eloise, after all, had interesting lives that were centered around concepts a young child could understand and aspire to.