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Thai Restaurant Owner Hilariously Lets Customers Know They’re Open During Ice Storm

Crazy weather conditions may be wreaking havoc on businesses up and down the East Coast, but one resilient little Thai restaurant made it known that a bit of ice and cold wouldn’t be sputtering their engine anytime soon.

Despite a dangerous ice storm that forced many schools and businesses in Marquette, Michigan to close down, Rice Paddy — a home-owned Thai restaurant — took to their Facebook page to let their customers know they were still open for business.

69-Year-Old Convenience Store Owner Fights Off Robber With Nothing But Bananas

Seungae Kim, owner of A&J Convenience in Cooksville, Ontario is being praised for her bravery after she fought off an attempted robbery with a bundle of bananas.

The 69-year-old was eating a banana and working at the till with her husband when a man entered the shop with his face covered, demanding that she open the register. To this, she replied, “you’re not getting money,” as she reached for the closest object that could be used to protect herself — her bananas.