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‘Harry Potter’ Fans are Now a Threat to Wild Owls in Asia, Study Finds

The increasing demand for owls as domestic pets in several Asian countries is attributed to an obsession with “Harry Potter”, with papers consequently calling for the animals’ protection.

For one, anthropologist Vincent Nijman and conservation biologist Anna Nekaris of Oxford Brookes University called the phenomenon the “Harry Potter effect,” referring to the surge of illegal trade in wild owls over the past decade in Indonesia.

Animal Activists Want Japan’s Owl Cafes Shut Down For Animal Abuse

Animal cafes have become a growing trend in Japan in recent years, with various establishments dedicated to cats, rabbits, goats, and even hedgehogs sprouting in different parts of the country.

In this on-going craze, owls have become the latest attraction, but such interests in placing the nocturnal predator in an owl cafe have become a cause for worry to animal rights activists, reports Reuters.