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Someone Else Tried the ‘One Punch Man Workout Challenge’ and Broke His Ankle

One Punch Man

A Malaysian man found out the hard way that the “One Punch Man Workout Challenge” is not as easy as it appears.

In the hopes that this challenge could benefit his health – and possibly make him as ripped as Saitama, the lead of the hit anime/manga “One Punch Man” – Twitter user Aweeff’s friend did the workout challenge, but after a couple of months, he was forced to stop.

Singaporean Man Actually Does the ‘One Punch Man’ Workout and WOW 😲

If you’re familiar with the anime/manga “One Punch Man,” you might know that the main character, Saitama, attributes his supernatural strength to repeating a specific workout every day. After gaining weight over the New Year festivities, one man from Singapore decided he’d try this routine for himself.

The man, Sean Seah, is a best-selling author and a successful investor. He set the challenge for himself as well as his social media followers on February 9 in a video in which he elected to “eat happily and burn later” during the Chinese New Year season.