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‘The YouTubers who raised us’: TikTok trend pays homage to the ‘Ryan Higa Era’ of online video content

nigahiga tiktok
  • A TikTok trend pays homage to YouTube’s pioneering Asian American content creators over an audio clip of “Nice Guys” by Ryan Higa, Chester See and Kevin Wu.
  • A new generation of YouTubers, including Skunky and David Parody, took to TikTok to share how their original idols inspired them throughout their journeys.
  • Other TikTok users were subsequently inspired to show how much of an impact these early creators had at a time when Asian representation on screen was scarce, by creating their own videos to the nostalgic song.

Long before Simu Liu brought kung fu to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ryan Higa taught the entire internet “How to be Ninja” from his own living room back in 2008. 

In a new TikTok trend, users are paying homage to the Asian American YouTubers who once dominated the video sharing platform at a time when Asian representation was even more seldom seen in mainstream media than it is now.  

Ryan Higa Returns With Epic ‘Study’: Beating Up Asians Does NOT Cure Coronavirus

ryan higa

Nigahiga‘s Ryan Higa recently posted a YouTube satirical skit titled, “New COVID-19 study Confirms: ‘Beating up Asians does NOT prevent Coronavirus.'”

Within the first minute, Ryan tackles the rise in racism and xenophobia against Asian Americans — as confirmed by the FBI and Rep. Judy Chu — which have led to hate crimes due to the virus’ origin from Wuhan, China.