Ryan Higa Returns With Epic ‘Study’: Beating Up Asians Does NOT Cure Coronavirus

Ryan Higa Returns With Epic ‘Study’: Beating Up Asians Does NOT Cure CoronavirusRyan Higa Returns With Epic ‘Study’: Beating Up Asians Does NOT Cure Coronavirus
Nigahiga‘s Ryan Higa recently posted a YouTube satirical skit titled, “New COVID-19 study Confirms: ‘Beating up Asians does NOT prevent Coronavirus.'”

Within the first minute, Ryan tackles the rise in racism and xenophobia against Asian Americans — as confirmed by the FBI and Rep. Judy Chu — which have led to hate crimes due to the virus’ origin from Wuhan, China.
In a quick breakdown of puns and humor, Ryan plays three central roles as Ryan Anchorman, the Head of Science and Research at ACHOO (American Central Health-Ops Organization) Dr. Psy Antisese; and Raymond Sisman or Ray Sisman, an American who hates Asians and believes they are all to blame for the pandemic and beating them will be the cure.
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Ryan zeroes into an “interview” with his alter-ego scientist, who ran “tests after tests,” which ultimately lead up to the same breaking news conclusions: Not all Asians are Chinese,” “some have never been to China,” “Asian Americans are from [the] U.S. not China” (thus not from Wuhan), “Beating up Asians does not prevent corona,” and that contact in the form of physically beating an Asian person will “increase corona.”
“Naturally, the most logical thing a person will think to do when trying to defeat a deadly airborne virus is to go and assault the people who you think have it,” Dr. Psy Antisese says.
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When Ryan Anchorman interviews Ray Sisman and inquires why he believes all Asians are to blame and must be beaten, he references POTUS Trump’s use of the term “Chinese Virus,” the slurs that have come out of it, and how it “directly translates in English to go around beating up Asian or Chinese people.”
The exaggeration is yet another reference to racists coming out of the woodwork to blatantly tell Asians to go back to their countries, and the stereotype of these people being experts on Asian culture because they “took two years of Japanese in high school.”
Screenshot via Nigahiga
Despite being notified of the “groundbreaking discovery,” Ray Sisman refuses to accept it and continues onto a misinformed tirade as an American before freeze-framing at “We are number one.”
“Well said, Ray Sisman,” Ryan Anchorman continues. “America still is number one—leading the entire world in COVID-19 infections and death.”
To close off, if Ryan couldn’t be more obvious, he breaks character and says, “I’m Ryan Anchorman, wishing everyone out there to be safe, stay home, and stop beating up Asians, you freaking idiots.”
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