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Pokémon Go is Finally Giving Players What They Wanted From the Very Beginning

Pokémon fans have a new reason to get excited with Pokémon GO’s latest update that adds several changes to the game, including a feature that players have wished for since it first came out.

As part of a larger rework on Pokémon Go Gyms, Niantic is set to add Raid Battles to the game in the coming weeks, according to the game’s official site

Pokémon Go Was NOT an Overnight Success — It Actually Took 20 Years to Make

The seemingly overnight success of Pokémon Go actually took one man 20 years of “leveling up” to achieve.

John Hanke, who is today the founder and CEO of Niantic Inc., began his journey to make Pokémon Go a reality when he created and sold his first online game in 1996 before starting a mapping company that would change the way people navigate with GPS forever. From there, with the help of Google and Nintendo, he would create one of the biggest mobile game phenomenons of 2016.