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50 years later, woman from iconic ‘Napalm Girl’ photo shares message about Ukraine, school shootings

  • For the 50th anniversary of Vietnam’s “Napalm Girl” photo, Kim Phuc Phan Thi, who was only 9 when it was taken, offered a message of hope and positivity.
  • When it was first published in 1972, the photo gained widespread attention and won a Pulitzer Prize, becoming one of the most well-known images of the Vietnam War.
  • Despite the physical and mental hardships Kim faced, she emphasized the importance of images in confronting the realities of war.
  • However, citing herself as proof, Kim stated, “Look how horrible war is. But, look, right now, my life, how beautiful the world can be.”
  • In her guest essay for the New York Times, Kim wrote about how she journeyed through life with the photograph, learned to love the photo and became a symbol of peace.

Kim Phuc Phan Thi, Vietnam’s “Napalm Girl,” is offering a message of hope with the world 50 years after the iconic photo that featured her was taken.

The “Napalm Girl” photo was taken in Trảng Bàng by the South Vietnamese photographer Nick Ut when Phan Thi was only 9. The powerful and controversial image was placed on the front pages of many newspapers, won a Pulitzer Prize and would become one of the most famous images of the Vietnam War.