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‘Umma’ trailer: Sandra Oh stars in upcoming horror film about the fear of becoming one’s own mother

  • Sony Pictures Entertainment released a trailer for its upcoming horror film, “Umma,” which will premiere exclusively in theaters on March 18.
  • Sandra Oh plays Amanda, a seemingly happy mother devoted to life on a farm with her daughter. Things turn upside down when a man brings her the cremated remains of her estranged mother.
  • The film, written and directed by Iris K. Shim (“House of Suh”) explores the theme of mother-daughter relationships when the main character finds herself turning into her own mother as her daughter wishes to leave.

Hollywood veteran Sandra Oh stars in the upcoming horror film “Umma,” in which a mother’s happy life with her daughter is shaken by her own mother’s death. 

Sony Pictures released the trailer for the movie, written and directed by Korean American Iris K. Shim (“House of Suh”), today. The film stars Hollywood veteran Sandra Oh as the lead character Amanda, who lives a seemingly happy life on a remote farm with her daughter. Her life is suddenly changed when a man brings her the ashes of her dead mother, who she had abandoned years before.  

Chinese Mom Creates Honest Comics About Her First Child vs. Second Child

motherhood comics

Weng Chen, an artist from China who is now living the United States, has illustrated the difference between first-time parents or mothers and those who already have a second child — in an adorable, hilariously honest way.

The decision to create comics began when Chen’s second child turned two in September 2016. She began a website, Messy Cow Comics, and Facebook page to host her comics.