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16 Over-the-Top Mooncakes to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival


During Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節) Chinese people across the globe enjoy a delicious tradition — mooncakes to share with family and friends while celebrating the moon. Mooncakes are traditionally filled with either red bean or lotus paste along with an egg yolk. There are many variations such as matcha, custard, or chocolate to accommodate more modern tastes. However, in recent years we have been seeing brands get truly creative with their cakes, varying from ridiculously extravagant to absurdly weird.

Here are some mooncakes that you might wish or not wish to have:

Hong Kong’s Mooncakes Found to Have High Levels of Cancer-Causing Chemical

A batch of this year’s mooncakes, the most popular Asian treat to eat during the Mid-Autumn Festival, might not be safe to consume after recent health tests.

Following Macau’s recall on mooncakes imported from Hong Kong, a health official from the region has stated that it plans to review safety limits for the carcinogen aflatoxin found in mooncakes. It was revealed that the region allows a higher level of the chemical in food than Macau.