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Thai temple left without monks after they all test positive for meth

  • A Buddhist temple in Thailand’s Phetchabun province is now devoid of monks after each one tested positive for methamphetamine on Monday.
  • The temple, located in the Bung Sam Phan district, saw all four of its monks — including the abbot — stripped of their monkhood and sent to a health clinic to begin drug rehabilitation.
  • The testing followed a raid that adhered to Thailand’s larger crackdown on illegal drugs.
  • Thailand serves as a major transit point for methamphetamine coming from Myanmar through Laos, according to the United Nations.
  • The district’s monastic chief has reportedly promised to send more monks to the temple, which is also home to about 10 dogs and cats.

A Buddhist temple in Thailand’s Phetchabun province is now devoid of monks after every single one of them failed a drug test.

Testing at the temple in Bung Sam Phan district took place on Monday. All four of the holy site’s monks — including the abbot — tested positive for methamphetamine.

Buddhist monk in Thailand found drunk and passed out while exposed inside temple on Thai New Year

thai monk
  • A 50-year-old Buddhist monk in Thailand earned the ire of local villagers after they found him drunk and passed out while fully exposed inside their local temple.
  • The monk reportedly had gotten drunk while celebrating the Thai New Year and was found with a bottle of strong Thai rice whisky found in his room.
  • The villagers who found him gathered photos and videos of him unconscious to collect as evidence to request his monkhood be revoked.

A Buddhist monk in Thailand drew criticism after local villagers found him drunkenly passed out and exposed in the local temple.

The 50-year-old monk, an unnamed former policeman, was found lying down on the balcony of a Buddhist temple in the Thai province of Nakhon Ratchasima on Tuesday afternoon.