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Élodie Yung plays a Cambodian doctor who scrubs away the mob’s messes in Fox drama ‘The Cleaning Lady’

Cleaning Lady Interview
  • “The Cleaning Lady” is Fox’s first primetime drama to be produced by and starring an Asian woman.
  • The show follows Thony De La Rosa, played by Élodie Yung, a Cambodian doctor from the Philippines who supports herself in the U.S. by taking cleaning jobs as she seeks treatment for her son’s rare immunodeficiency disorder.
  • “It will give the confidence to these kids to say, ‘We have a place in this world; we have a voice,’” Yung said about the show’s diverse casting. “I am really happy, and positive and hopeful that this is going to open doors and empower young generations.”

“The Cleaning Lady,” a new Fox television show based on a series from Argentina, will premiere on Jan. 3. It will be one of the first American broadcast television shows that features a Cambodian main character and a largely Southeast Asian cast.

Reflecting the Asian immigrant experience