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Duke University Professor Has ‘Deep Regret’ After Urging Students Not To Speak Chinese

Megan Neely, the Duke professor who urged students to stop speaking Chinese via an email on Friday, sent out a follow-up email expressing her “deep regret” for causing pain the next day.

Following the uproar caused by her first email, Neely stepped down from her role as director of graduate studies for the Master of Biostatistics program on Saturday.

Duke University Director Sends Mass Email Warning Chinese Students to Only Speak English on Campus — Or Else

The director of graduate studies for the Duke University’s Master of Biostatistics program, Megan Neely, has stepped down from her position after severe backlash over an email in which she warned Chinese students to speak only English on university campus.

In the original email, Neely urged Chinese students to speak English at all times on campus and in other professional settings and consider the possible consequences of their actions. According to the former director of graduate studies, two unnamed staff members allegedly approached her to complain about a group of first year students who were speaking Chinese loudly in public.