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Asian Americans Are Trolling the Crap Out of Matt Damon on Twitter

As Matt Damon’s controversial big-budget movie “The Great Wall” hits North American theaters on February 17, the Twitterverse has come prepared with the hilariously sarcastic hashtag #thankyoumattdamon.

The made-for-Hollywood, Chinese-U.S. co-production has been widely criticized for allegedly perpetuating the “white hero” complex by having Damon in the lead role.

While Asian Americans are Pissed Over Whitewashing, China Loves Matt Damon in ‘The Great Wall’

When the first trailer for “The Great Wall” hit the internet back in July, the Twitterverse was lit up with fiery criticisms against the film’s alleged whitewashing.

Netizens have blasted the production primarily for casting Matt Damon, a caucasian actor, as the lead star of the $150 million epic film that was supposed to take place in ancient China.