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Water on Mars ‘Salty as Miso and Ramen Noodle Soup,’ Says Scientists


A team of Japanese researchers described the water that once existed on Mars 3.5 billion years ago as salty as noodle soup.

By using the data gathered by the U.S. Mars probe Curiosity, the team, which included Kanazawa University associate professor Keisuke Fukushi and Tokyo Institute of Technology professor Yasuhito Sekine, were able to restore the conditions of water on Gale Crater, according to Japan Times.

Japan Hopes to Colonize Mars With Autonomous Robots by 2040

Japan is determined to spend some time on Mars with the help of automated machines. In partnership with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), construction company Kajima is set to develop machinery that will build facilities on the red planet. Each will accommodate at least four people.

The autonomous system is expected to be ready by 2030, but will be used on the moon first. Mars will be the target ten years later.