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Someone in China Paid $52,000 for a Super ‘Lucky’ Phone Number

In what may sound like a total what-the-fudge bidding war, someone in northern China was able to purchase a “lucky” phone number ending in five fives for the price of more than 350,000 yuan ($52,000).

According to South China Morning Post, the number, which was initially priced at 11,250 yuan ($1,674), saw a massive boost in its value by more than 30 times in just a matter of 12 minutes when 140 registered people placed their bid on the number during the 24-hour auction.

Why Are Some People So Much Luckier Than Others?

James Scott Bumgarner, more famous as James Garner, film and TV star, passed away recently at the age of 86. Many people shared how great a guy he was and stories about his life.

A few things caught my attention. Not the least of which was how lucky he seemed. How does a guy without any acting experience and who hates talking in front of people land a well connected Hollywood agent to jumpstart his career? Luck?