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The Most Embarrassing Silicon Valley Startup is Sinking Faster Than The Titanic

Lucas Duplan, top contender for the worst young entrepreneur of Silicon Valley three years running, might as well hang a black flag above Clinkle’s offices to signify that his failing payment app company does indeed have the black plague.

Today, seven employees decided to jump ship after the unexpected firing of two of the company’s top executives followed by a drastic pivot on what the company will actually be doing from now on, which has pretty much been an underwhelming mystery since the company was founded. Clinkle has so far created a over-glorified pre-paid debit card program that gives users free coffee and ice cream.

8 Reasons Why Clinkle’s Lucas Duplan is the Worst Startup Founder Ever


Image Source: Clinkle. The original was taken by Jason Henry for WSJ, adapted by Michael Nudelman.

The picture above says it all, but if you want to find out exactly how this Stanford kid raised $30 million for his startup Clinkle and became the ring leader for one of Silicon Valley’s biggest fails, then keep reading.

If you don’t know what Clinkle is, it’s a mysterious payment app kept so secret, some of it’s employees don’t even know the full details. Clinkle’s founder Lucas Duplan managed to make headlines last year with a record setting seed stage fundraiser that peaked over $30 million dollars, made possible in part by venture capitalist firms Andreessen Horowitz, Accel Partners’ Jim Breyer, and billionaire investor Richard Branson.