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Engineering Students Buy The Only Woman in Their Class a Lipstick Set for Women’s Day

Mac Lipstick

The male students of an engineering class at Guangzhou University are making headlines for buying their only female classmate luxury cosmetics for International Woman’s Day.

Chen Weiqi, the recipient of the thoughtful present, was stopped after class by her male colleagues, according to Shanghaiist. When she unwrapped the gift, she was surprised to see a set of high-end MAC lipsticks, valued at 1,800 yuan ($284). The reason for so many? They said they weren’t sure which color she liked, so they decided to get her a collection so she could choose.

Sephora Stirs Controversy With a Creepy Name For Their New Lipstick

Kat Von D is famously known for being the star of the reality show “L.A. Ink,” which ran for four seasons between 2007 and 2011. In 2008, she took her artistic talent with colors and channeled it into a successful cosmetics line with Sephora. Though her makeup collection has been huge for years now, could the controversial naming on one of her products pose a threat to her business?

Since the release of her red-tinted lipstick called “underage red,” many makeup fanatics have spoken out against the product, believing that it advocates the sexual promiscuity of minors. One Twitter follower coined the product as “a lipstick for creeps.”