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Chinese Officials Arrest North Korean Assassins Allegedly Out to Kill Kim Jong-Un’s Nephew

Two of the seven North Korean assassins who are involved in the alleged plot to take out Kim Jong-Nam’s son, Kim Han Sol, were arrested by Chinese officials in Beijing, China, South Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo reported on Monday.

The alleged assassination plot was prevented after Chinese authorities reportedly increased its security during China’s 19th National Congress of the Communist Party, which ran for one week starting from Oct. 18, according to Fox News.

Facebook of the ‘LOL Assassin’ Reveals Days Leading Up to Kim Jong-Nam’s Murder

The suspected accomplice in the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam in Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport has been revealed to be a Vietnamese woman named Doan Thi Huong.

In the CCTV footage released by Malaysian police, Doan, 28, is the woman wearing the “LOL” shirt that grabbed Kim from behind as she and another woman reportedly wiped an unidentified toxic liquid on the exiled North Korean’s face leading to his death on Feb. 13, according to Reuters.

Witnesses Reveal ‘LOL Assassin’s’ Suspicious Behavior Before Poisoning Kim Jong-Nam

More details about the Vietnamese woman currently suspected of killing Kim Jong-Nam, Kim Jong-Un’s half brother have surfaced, shedding more light into the alleged assassin who wore the LOL top.

Jong-Nam, the eldest son of late North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il, was killed in Malaysia on February 13 in an assassination speculated to be done by two women. A Vietnamese lady identified as Doan Thi Huong is believed to be the one who poisoned the victim.