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Chinese Pilots Caught Allegedly Smoking in the Air — Angry Passenger Confronts Them

A passenger boarding his flight from China to Thailand took the liberty of confronting a flight attendant about someone “smoking” inside the plane. The passenger  alleged that the pilots were lighting up cigarettes.

Incidentally, this passenger happened to be Justin Ross Lee — New York’s self-proclaimed “JewJetter” who travels in luxury for sport. He was on his way to Bangkok via China Southern Airlines.

New York’s Biggest Douchebag is Now Terrorizing Asia With His ‘JewJetting’

Justin Ross Lee is known as a travel expert and socialite from New York. He’s a self proclaimed “JewJetter,” a term he coined to describe someone traveling in luxury for sport. His Instagram regularly features him enjoying the highest luxuries of life and he’s gained a cult-like following because of it.

Whether it’s feasting on caviar and champagne in first class or staying at the most luxurious suites in Shanghai, Mumbai or Tokyo, Lee has done it all — and at little to no cost. He’s an expert in cheating the system and will always find a way to get that free upgrade.