Chinese Pilots Caught Allegedly Smoking in the Air — Angry Passenger Confronts Them

Chinese Pilots Caught Allegedly Smoking in the Air — Angry Passenger Confronts Them
Editorial Staff
August 25, 2016
A passenger boarding his flight from China to Thailand took the liberty of confronting a flight attendant about someone “smoking” inside the plane. The passenger  alleged that the pilots were lighting up cigarettes.
Incidentally, this passenger happened to be Justin Ross Lee — New York’s self-proclaimed “JewJetter” who travels in luxury for sport. He was on his way to Bangkok via China Southern Airlines.
In a video clip posted on Facebook, Justin shared his frustration over the odor he sniffed from the cockpit.
“Both pilots are obviously lighting up cigarettes, which is completely unacceptable,” he said. “Let’s see what happens when I confront them.”
Justin called for assistance, and a female flight attendant showed up. He asked who was smoking and she promised to “check.”
However, the attendant headed opposite the cockpit, so Justin called her attention once more.
“No… I know it’s from up there,” he said pointing at the direction of the pilots. “It’s illegal. They have to stop.”
The attendant still went to “check” other passengers before heading back to the cockpit. Justin warned again:
“Tell the captain to stop smoking cigarettes. Tell him to put it out and I won’t report him. Otherwise whatever version of the FAA you have here, I’m gonna file a formal report.”
The Civil Aviation Administration of China as well as the Federal Aviation Administration prohibits smoking tobacco products, electronic cigarettes or anything else that produces smoke, mist, vapor or aerosol in all locations within an aircraft.
“It’s disgusting that you’re gonna put my life and every passenger’s safety in jeopardy by just lighting fire onboard an airplane in 2016.”
Justin ended his rant in anger and confusion before revealing what happened after:
“Where the f*ck are we? Despicable.”
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